Statutes and internal regulations

Statutes of Université Paris-Est

Université Paris-Est is a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature (établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel – EPSCP).  Classed as a community of universities and institutions (communauté d’universités et établissements – Comue) in accordance with Article L.718-3 of the Education Code, the institution is named "Université Paris-Est". It has legal personality and academic, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy.

Text submitted to the votes of the Université Paris-Est Management Board and its member institutions.


Internal regulations of Université Paris-Est

The provisions of these internal regulations apply to the users and staff of the Université Paris-Est Community of Universities and Institutions (Comue), and to any natural or legal entity present at the Comue in any capacity whatsoever: staff of external or hosted organisations, service providers, guests, occasional collaborators, visitors, etc.