Councils of Members

The Council of Members comprises one representative of each member of Université Paris-Est, appointed in accordance with the appointment rules in force at each institution. It is chaired by the President of UPE.

It is involved in preparing the work and implementing the Management Board's decisions and the Academic Council's opinions.

In addition, it may be referred to at any time by the President of Université Paris-Est, prior to the deliberations of the Management Board in all or some of the latter's draft resolutions. It may also be referred to, under the same terms as above, by the Academic Council.

The Council of Members is consulted by the Management Board prior to:

  • the definition and implementation of the shared project provided for in Article 718-2 of the Education Code;
  • the adoption of the common component;
  • the signature of the multi-year contract referred to in Article 718-5 of the Education Code;
  • any amendment to the statutes including, in particular, the accession of new higher education institutions or research organisations, and the withdrawal or exclusion of a member;
  • the adoption of the general orientations of Université Paris-Est;
  • the adoption of the Université Paris-Est budget after each member concerned has agreed on its contribution;
  • the adoption of an association agreement with an institution or organisation contributing to the public service missions of higher education or research.